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Complex Civil Litigation

Over the years, our attorneys have successfully represented individuals and entities in both federal and state court in a wide variety of civil litigation matters.  Our clients have ranged from officers of publicly held corporations to small business, and their owners and officers who are involved in business disputes.  We have successfully defended individuals in large security fraud class actions, Securities and Exchange Commission investigations and law suits, government contract litigation, civil False Claim Act cases, state and federal regulatory hearings, and employment related matters.  We have represented clients in many venues including the United States Supreme Court, state supreme courts, federal and state appellate and trial courts, and federal and state administrative agencies throughout the country, and in matters outside of the United States.

We take pride in the cost-efficient manner that we represent our clients.  Our attorneys are well skilled in both electronic and traditional investigative techniques.  As such, we can manage any size case, regardless of the magnitude of the data base, with a minimal number of attorneys involved.  Even though we are a small law firm, we can manage and defend any case as well as or better than larger law firms.  In fact,  having only a few well skilled lawyers on a case enables us to provide a high-quality, cost-effective representation.

We understand that each case is won and lost based on the facts of the case.  We therefore approach each case as investigative attorneys and concentrate on the development of a full understanding of the facts involved.  Our experience has taught us that only after this initial investigation has been completed can a matter be properly assessed as to how it can best be handled in the most cost-efficient and successful manner.

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