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Defense of Federal Criminal and Civil Tax Matters

Our firm’s strategy in defending tax cases is to utilize the experience of our attorneys who include former IRS civil and criminal agents, former federal prosecutors, and former IRS criminal investigators.  A thorough knowledge of the facts is essential from the very beginning of a tax case since strategic decisions that are based on the facts, as well as our experience, can determine whether many cases will be pursued by the government as criminal or a civil matter. Our ability to make the best strategic decisions both in the beginning of a matter as well as throughout the investigation, is based on our extensive knowledge of the policies and procedures of both the IRS and the Department of Justice. We work hard to resolve cases as quickly as possible, and to minimize legal expenditures.  Often, we prevent criminal charges from impacting our clients by presenting defenses on their behalf that are based on an in-depth interpretation of the facts and the law. This creativity has enabled us to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients at the audit, criminal, and appellate levels of the IRS.
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