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Defense of White Collar Criminal Cases

For over 40 years we have had great success in defending individuals and entities who are the subject of a criminal investigation.  Our approach to criminal defense is based on the belief, from our experience, that facts win cases.  Because of this, we have found that an aggressive approach to develop the facts from the very beginning of a government investigation, leads to our ability to stop charges from ever being filed in many cases.  Because the government is successful about 95 percent of the time when a criminal case goes to trial, our approach is the best way to defend a case.

Unlike many other attorneys, we personally investigate each case.  We do not leave it up to others to bring us the facts.  We have developed this unique approach to the defense of criminal prosecutions based upon our training as investigative lawyers as well as our experience as former federal prosecutors and former IRS Agents.  We strongly believe that this early and complete understanding of the facts has contributed to our impressive track record of successfully blocking prosecutorial efforts in many cases.

Our firm has successfully defended individuals and entities in a diverse range of cases including prosecutions involving healthcare, antitrust, government contracting, tax fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, commodities fraud and other kinds of financial fraud.
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