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Representative Cases & Clients

We will not list the names of clients from our current or past legal representations.  The Rules of Professional Conduct that governs attorneys will allow that if we obtain the consent of the client.  We have chosen to not request this permission from any client since we firmly believe that a client, where possible, deserves total anonymity and we will not put our interests above those of our clients.

The following, therefore, is a list that represents some of the cases we have handled and the general nature of the clients we have represented.

  • We successfully represented a defense contractor accused of bribing a subcontractor to produce military tank parts that did not meet government specifications. Even though we received this case on the eve of a grand jury indictment, we were able to prove that the federal agent investigating the case induced witnesses to lie and place blame on our client who had no knowledge of the parts’ imperfections. The case was never indicted.
  • We successfully represented companies owned by a foreign country under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for price manipulation.  Because of our efforts, the case was resolved without criminal indictment.
  • We successfully represented a health care provider that had inadequate records to support Medicaid reimbursement.  We were able to properly reconstruct the records to show that individual errors were not management’s fault, thus avoiding an indictment for the facility’s owners and management, and preventing exclusion from the Medicaid and Medicare Programs. Therefore, we were able to reduce the legal costs to the client.
  • We successfully represented a client accused of filing false cost reports with the government. Based on our persistent investigative actions, we convinced the prosecutors that the client’s accountants made erroneous computations without the client’s involvement.  This case came to us when it was on the verge of criminal indictment and we were able to produce evidence to avoid the indictment.
  • We successfully represented a health care provider accused of hiring illegal immigrants. We were able to prove that the person supplying employees falsified federal immigration documents and that our client was innocent.
  • We have represented individuals in many government corruption investigations that involved the State of Illinois or the City of Chicago.  In each instance, our client was either not prosecuted or received a modest penalty.
  • In a class action financial markets case involving publicly traded securities, where we represented defendants who were executives of a Fortune 500 company, we convinced the court to deny class certification, thereby reducing our clients’ exposure to liability from the hundreds of millions of dollars to only $30,000.  That, and the aggressive manner that we defended our clients at the discovery stage of the case, prompted the opposition to voluntarily dismiss the case against our clients, without seeking an appeal of the class action denial, and without any settlement whatsoever, thus, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.
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